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This entry has been made thanks to the contribution made by Luca Vespoli, journalist and deeply knowledgeable historian of Positano, to illustrate how the traditional festivals of the village were once celebrated.

  • Preface

  • Confetti, pork products, olives and."cricili"

  • The tears of silence

  • The smell of the sea during the procession of Corpus Christi

  • The intense longings of one taking communion

  • Saint Vitus first ballet dancer of Positano

  • Saint John: the purge before a dip in the sea

  • The multi-coloured festival of Saint Peter

  • ...and the Madonna appeared in a hole in the mountain

  • Saint James and the piglet

  • ...and came a day dedicated to the unbelievers

  • A legend named Mary

  • How much poetry in the weddings celebrated at...home!

  • Even the dead have to climb the steps

  • Struffoli, panettoni (traditional cakes) and Vermouth

  • The parrot good luck charm

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