How PositanOnline works?

Add or sponsorize your activity.

How can I add my activity?

Adding your activity on PositanOnline it's easy like fill in a form. We need just really few infoes and you will be visible on our website. After the revision of your inserted data, you will contact by email to confirm and your attivty will be visible in the inherent category. Complete the form.

Why you need to add your activity?

In this days, be visible on a website it's fondamental for give your credibility and professionality to your work. We are offering you the opportunity to host your work on our guide, wich, in addition to providing info about commercial activityes, hotels, restaurants, information about events and public transport's timetables both on road and maritime, beeing so a landmark for the turists.

Add your activity is free?

Adding some of your activity's data, like addres and phone number, it's free, but we offer also a paid service wich present countless advantages. Your activity:

  • Will be always visible on the top of it's category list.
  • Will have a direct contact at your webiste or your social media page.
  • Will have a Dedicated Page on our website, with direct links at all your socials and, in the case of hotels, even your Booking Engline; a little description and more info like the e-mail addres, the phone number and a interactive map.

How can I ask to be sponsorized?

At the moment of the compilation of the form it's possible to tick the appropriate box. If you have already insert your activity, you can contact us by e-mail We will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.
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If I am an artist or a writer, can I insert my work?

Of course yes! We of PositanOnline care a lot about valorize the cultural and artistic heritage of Positano, trying to give visibility mostly to new artists. If you want to show us your work , contact us by e-mail