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PositanOnline is the first complete guide of the center of the Amalfi Coast.

In our website we are trying to index and give information about all the Hotels, Restaurants and meeting places, as well as public transport and private transfert companies.

We of PositanOnline want to give to the citizen, as well as to the turist, that for years has increased the Positano's economy, a quality service. Moreover valorize the cultural heritage of our town, giving space and visibility to historical background and local artists. Browse the guide for this and other information!

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Take a look at our H24 webcam service on the panorama of Positano taken from three different angles.

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A brief history of Positano

By Romolo Ercolino

Laid at the southern feet of the Mounts Lattari, which protect it from the Northwinds, Positano enjoys - thanks to its favourable position - all the advantages of a mild, dry climate. It is surrounded by green mounts, which form a sort of crown: Mount Comune, Mt. S. Maria del Castello, Mt. S. Angelo a Tre Pizzi (1444 metres high), Mt. Conocchia, Mt. Campo dei Galli and Mt. Paipo; towards south and east the gaze sweeps over the sea up to Punta Licosa and Capri. Three miles away from the coast a little arcipelago rises from the sea - "Li Galli" or "Sirenuse" - composed by three islands: "Gallo Lungo", "Rotonda", "Castelluccio", which was always supposed to be the abode of the bewitching Syrians. The origins of Positano, like those of many other towns, are lost in the mists of time, so that it is difficult to distinguish between history and legend... Read on